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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  October 29, 2010 3:30am-4:00am EST

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the name of history and some good old-fashioned halloween fun. >> that's what's making news in america this morning. >> get more later on "good morning america" or any time at appy halloween. >> straight ahead this half-hour, a new proposal for subway security at a would be-bomber's violent plans. good morning washington. thank you for joining us on this friday morning. >> we begin with your traffic and weather every 10 minutes and we'll check in with lisa in just a moment but first, meteorologist adam caskey. i got in my car this morning, 20 degrees colder than yesterday. >> i thought you were going to say 20 degrees. it is possible.
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definitely a lot cooler than what we had yesterday. this afternoon will be a good 20 degrees cooler than what we had yesterday afternoon. let's take a look at the morning numbers now. by the way, we had a freeze watch that is in effect just west of i-95 including montgomery and lee county. 51 at reagan national. yesterday at this time we were in the mid 60's. 46 in gaithersburg. annopolis, you're at 50. with the gusts in excess of 30-mile-per-hour at times, high temperatures near 60. it gets cold tonight. clear skies, light winds, allow the temperatures to drop to near freezing or below freezing west of i-95. otherwise, locally we should be in the mid and upper 30's.
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let's go to lisa, is she here today? >> lisa is so yesterday. i'm elizabeth. tell your driver to be careful on central avenue eastbound near enterprise road. there has been a water main break. we'll have live pictures soon. this is a live picture of traffic across the american legion bridge and it is moving nicely. back inside to the news. >> elizabeth, you look fabulous. >> of course i do. real housewives values to look their best. >> so humble too. >> we'll talk more about this later. lisa, thank you. >> it is 4:32 now on this friday morning and the man at the center over the metro terror plot is due back in court today and this comes as we learn more about farouk ahmed. federal authorities say in
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addition to planning the attack on the metro, he also wanted to travel to afghanistan to kill american soldiers. according to court documents he also sent $10,000 to terrorists in $1,000 increments to avoid suspicion. >> a controversial proposal on how the keep passengers safe comes as we learn more about that plot. rebecca cooper has the latest development. >> capital policing quickly to shut down several d.c. blocks. this officer had the dangerous assignment of checking for any other bombs or hazardous materials and parents tried to retrieve children from the day care center inside the tape
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lines. metro riders said they had no choice but to use the system. >> just like today. that's just what we have to deal with. you either walk home or take the metro. you can't live in fear. >> it was already on high alert. the plan was to target four pentagon metro stations the primary target is members of the military. >> it is definitely pretty scary. i'm just glad that they caught the person. >> now they say be ready for random bag checks. >> they have rolled out a random bag screening and that is something that we're seriously looking at. >> thank you, rebecca. the f.b.i. has also officially linked three shootings aimed at military buildings. investigators say the same gun was used to fire shots at a military recruiting center? chantilly and a marine recruiting office and the pentagon.
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they have not determined a motive or a suspect. >> a busy weekend in the district kicks off with a news conference by organizers of the marine corps marathon. they will discuss security and new technology in place for this year's race. organizationers will also introduce some of the people participating in the marathon. >> and of course that marine corps marathon is just one of the big events taking place in d.c. over the weekend. comedy central host jon stewart will be holding his rally to restore sanity on the national mall tomorrow. stewart says it will be more of a comedy show than a political rally. heads up for you. vdot will be closing the chain bridge that will last until monday. >> political infleeing florida this morning.
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the midterm election campaigns are entering their final weekend. >> the finish line is finally in sight. emily smith has the detailsle >> with tuesday's election just around the corner, a critical senate campaign was about to take an unexpected turn. >> president clinton did not ask me to drop out of the race. no one has called me to say hey, you need to get out of the race. >> kendrick meek denied reports that president bill clinton asked him to drop out out of the race and endorse independent candidate charlie crisp. -- charlie crist. clinton was trying to help democrats hold on to senate control in a year filled with close races. >> you're going to have a fight. >> in alaska, joe miller rallied with sarah palin last night.
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president obama will spend the weekend campaigning. tonight he shifts his focus from the senate to make his first stop this election season for members of the house. >> all right. it is just about 4:37 now on this friday and considerably cooler this morning. we have 49 degrees. >> still ahead on "good morning washington," a local school mourns the loss of its spiritual leader. >> plus three d.c. e.m.s. employees accused of going m.i.a. >> we'll have your traffic and
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take a closer look at keith fimian and his inspection business. fimian's former business partner said fimian lied, his record "built upon a fraud." his business sued more than 40 times. slapped with thousands in liens. its corporate status revoked. now we learn fimian signed a campaign pledge that protected tax breaks for corporations outsourcing jobs.
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fraud, failed policies. unfortunately, that's keith fimian.
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>> 4:40 friday morning. we made it to the end of the workweek. it is looking more fall-like. annopolis, 48. district, 49. college park, 49. bristow, 50. the sun isn't up until close do 7:30 these days but i really want to point out to wind gusts. since midnight, we're clocked wind gusts nearly 40-mile-per-hour. most of these are are measured on rooftops so it is a little higher than down at the surface in sheltered areas, nrls it indicates how gusty it is outside.
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the district 47. ok. let's go to the maps. we have a freeze watch in effect for parts of our region, basically along and west of 95. tonight and into saturday morning. today, a lot of sunshine and scattered clouds. high temperatures near 60 and gusty. tonight we'll be dropping down near the freezing point, especially west of the area. looking like a great weekend, sunny and in the lower 60's. back to lisa. >> oh, we could so do her job, that lisa so catty. i'm elizabeth, one of the housewives ready to hop in my private jet at any moment now. let's hop together and check out a couple of cameras. well, across the american legion bridge, it has just been fabulous, darling. on the southbound side of 95 in virginia, see the red? the right lane is closed but that's about it.
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tighter drive out to dulles airport before we wisk away on your jet. i'm on my way for tea. let's go back to the news desk. >> good halloween costume, lisa. thank you very much. 4:41 is the time on this friday. 49 degrees. coming up, a blowout new the bay area. highlights from game two of the world series. >> you call 911, you expect a quick response. an ambul
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>> good morning to you. 4:44 is your time on this friday morning. our top story, the man accused of attempting to blow up several transit takeses will be in court. flook ahmed faces charges -- farooque ahmed faces charges. crowds of people will be descrenged on the national mall for that rally hosted by jon stewart. halliburton now says it skipped a critical test on the cement used to sell a the b.p. oil well. it is said to be one of the causes to have spill that sent
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those millions of gallons of oil into the water. >> three d.c. fire and e.m.s. employees under investigation this morning and sources say they were missing in action during this year's mass shooting on south capital street that killed four people. jay has that story. >> chaos erupted last march after a drive-by shooting on capitol hill killed four people. fire crews hustled to cope with a mass casualty scene but abc 7 news has learned that one ambulance crew of d.c. firefighter e.m.t.'s faces an internal investigation on the allegation they avoided responding to this critical call. there ares alleged that the individuals use this time to run personal errands to go to their home and possibly get something to eat. >> it has been alleged that
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those in ambulance 32 instead of racing to the scene, took personal time. >> no not be available to deal with one of the worst mass casualty incidents to me is inexcusable. >> the actions of ambulance 32 are under review but he is confident that their absence from this mass shooting scene had no impact whatsoever on the quality and the amount of care given that night. >> in this case, we did have a lot of resources that responded to the scene and a lot of resources available and i think we had enough to handle this particular incident in a proper way. >> they may or may not face disciplinary action. results of the investigation are expected soon. in the district, abc news. >> thank you, jay. the chandra levy murder trial
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resumes in the case week and former congressman gary condit may testify then. yesterday the focus went away from defending ingmar guandique. on the day levy vanished, she did a computer search on condit and she also pulled up information on condit's wife and children. >> and now we turn to some dramatic video you'll see only on 7. fairfax county police are looking for a serial bank robber who was caught on tape, and each time the robber pulls out a gun and leaves with a bag of money. he robbed a presidential bank days ago and this past tuesday he was spotted walking into two separate banks on gorgetown pike in great falls. >> it looked like he had to wait in line apparently and may have
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got frustrated and that's when he went down street to capital one. >> they are looking into whether he is responsible for a similar robbery earlier this month. no one has been hurt in any of these incidents. >> more than 1,000 notre dame students gathered last night for a special mass to honor a fellow student who died earlier this week. he was filming football practice from a hydraulic lift that was toppled by high wind gusts. people from the midwest to the east coast are all picking up the damage left behind by this week's massive storm. that storm unleashed high winds, dozens of tornadoes, rain,ing and even snow as it moved across the country, leaving behind plenty of destruction. it wreaked havoc on air travel. >> the texas rangers best to explosive bats and san
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francisco, they are known to win low-scoring games by a run. forget all of that. >> renteria launches one into left. down the line and into the corner. edgar renteria has gone deep. 1-0. >> so it was the giants who brought out to big lumber again in game two of,000 series. they shut out the rangers potent offense. giants win it it 0u9. san francisco is up 2-0. how about that? 9-0? >> it is a blowout. rangers pitching was supposed to be awesome. maybe they will recover. >> big surprise. outside 49 degrees. >> coming up later, gonzaga students share memories of their former president. >> first another check on your riday morning traffic a
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>> friday morning, 5:43. going to be a great weekend, albeit a cool weekend. near freezing in the morning. we'll take a look at the forecast in a second. first temperatures, arlington, 49. bowie, 46. we're in the 40's. here is the forecast for us today. back to fall conditions. scattered cloud cover.
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winds gusting in excess of 30-mile-per-hour. freeze watch in effect west of 95 tonight including montgomery, fairfax, prince william counties and points westward. temperatures will be dropping to near or below freezings. the weekend highs near 60 and sunny. >> lisa is not here today. i'm elizabeth, one of the housewives from everywhere, wherever the party might be, that is. we'll go to first of all, a couple of maps because we're beautiful. route four, route five, always gorgeous. this traffic on 50, nice on 95 on the baltimore parkway. a pretty good and sweet trip through reston and into mclean. 66, 9 5, 395, the only thing we have road work southbound in newington that will remain for the morning rush hour. inside we go. >> ok, elizabeth. whatever.
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4:54 is your time now. 49 degrees. >> you're watching "good morning
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>> district high school is in shock after the unexpected loss of its president rrl father novotny of gonzaga high school died after heart failure.
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>> he always had a smile on his face. >> he was really friendly and funny and open and didn't want to do anything but help other people. >> just a day after he passed away, showers of gratitude flooded the gonzaga community. >> he was a really caring man and made sure everything was running smoothly and going well in our lives. >> he was president to have school tr for 16 years. he helped raise $20 million for the effort. yesterday students shared memories. >> i didn't know him that well but he made the effort to come out for his students. >> i went to confession with him and he died four days later. >> he will be remembered for his golden heart and cunning wit. >> i don't think i ever saw him when he had a bad day. >> he had a passion for sports
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and biking which is part of why the news came as such a surprise. >> he was so healthy. recently lost something like 50 pounds. >> even though father novotny will be misses, stay tuneds drew comfort from the hope that sometime they will see him again. >> it is tough to lose such a great man. god is lucky to have a man like him in heaven. >> the funeral mass for father mnovotny will be held next wednesday. >> such a huge loss for that community. a lot is still ahead in our next half-hour. >> breaking news. construction crews on the scene of a massive water main break in mitchell, maryland. what drivers need to know. >> details about the would be bomber and his violent plans. >> and preparing for a busy weekend across the metro region. "good morning washington" at weekend across the metro region. "good morning washington" at 5:00 a.m. begins right now.


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